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~  A Professional Boudoir Portfolio  ~

by a

Master of Boudoir Photography


By Appointment Only

Confidentiality is number 1 with the majority of our clients.

This is why our sample selection  is limited  to only a few

wonderful models.  Our best works are confidentially secure

and are not available for viewing but the quality of our work

can be seen in the samples provided.  Artistic, sensuous works

 that provide you with that sexy pin-up portraits from a master
of boudoir photography.
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Thank-you for your visit to Honey Bee Sexy.  Here you will find samples and information about Calendars, Pinups, Glamour, Boudoir & Nude Photography.  The glamour of sensual or sexy photos as gifts is on the increase. I have experience a large increase in bridal boudoir and bachelorette sessions.  The art of boudoir photography requires photographic skills and knowledge of romantic lighting, model lighting and posing. A pretty woman will still put on makeup and do her hair.  That is also true in glamour and boudoir photography; we add and subtract lighting to control how we capture of your beauty.  We have provided this service for over 20 years. In the past, we relied on recommendation from our clients to their friends for new customers.  The increase demand and the difficulty  many potential clients were having to find someone of quality to do pinups or sensuous portraiture while maintaining confidentiality led us to create this website.   Anyone can take a photo of you in sexy lingerie, costumes or nude but to do it with class and quality that deserves to be called Boudoir or Glamour is a skill.  I know and understand the secrets of sexy lingerie photos, nude photography, poses and lighting.  Bridal boudoir is a unique gift to give to your husband.   Look around the website and you will find samples, pricing and answers to questions you may have about boudoir, glamour and nude photography.  Take your time and visit our pages before you decide if you would like to try this service. 

CONFIDENTIALITY  is very important issue.  I have been doing glamour & boudoir photography since 1991 in the Omaha area.  My clients for this service has been in the many hundreds.  The boudoir & glamour clients are housewife's, brides, nurses, school teachers, police officers, lawyers, doctors, etc., etc..  Only the few who have given permission to use their photos and you will find them in our samples.  The  personal & intimate nature of boudoir photography and the intent in which our clients want them is private for loved ones.  To maintain the importance and the value of such a gift is why confidentiality is our number one concern for our clients.  Honey Bee Sexy is part of Mr. B's Photography who has been providing photography service to the Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs and regional area since 1991.  This is a home based, full service photography studio operating by Appointment Only.  This provides a  lot of security and privacy for your sessions but also provides amenity because of the full line of photographic service we provide. 

Visit our question and answer section to help you in your decision if you would like a boudoir portrait. 

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